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Hi. I live in Spain with my partner. I am retired and LOVE it. I love life here but I do miss my family back in the UK, two sons and three sisters and my Mum. Crafting is my life, I do something every single day. In the past it has helped me get through some bad times in my life. One such bad time was when my first grandson died aged just 14 months. He had been born 8 weeks prem but was very healthy and was growing into a beautiful, bonny boy. It was such a shock when the call came. A day never passes when I dont think of him. I am now Nanna again to grand daughter, Hollie, born July 2012, and Tess born March 2016. This is my younger son and his partner. I now have another Grandson, Noah, born Nov 2013 to my elder Son and they have 3 daughters Aurora, born March 2015 and Arabella, born August 2017 and Arianna born 2019. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy my makes. Please leave a comment so that I know you have visited me. I love reading them all. xxxx


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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Mojo Gone

Good Morning All
Some of you may know that I have not been too good and the consequence is that my crafting mojo has up and gone.
When I dont want to craft I know things are bad.
I,m  still not feeling too good but trying to force myself to do some stuff.
I am only posting this to let you know why I have not been visiting your blogs as much as I normally do, I,m not enjoying blogging as I usually do so please forgive me.

I have a couple of orders to complete  so I will have to shift myself soon.
Nothing crafty to show you but here is a couple of pics in the mean time.

Lorien took Hollie and Tess to the petting farm on Friday, Hollie looks so happy.

This is Noah, such a happy boy and so much fun.

Wendy L


brenda said...

Just go with it Wendy and don't push yourself, I am sure you mojo will be back and the last thing you should be worrying about is blogland, that can wait. Lovely photos, thank you for sharing.

B x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

So sorry you are not feeling good. Take it easy and give yourself time. Don't worry about blogging or crafting, you will craft again when you want to. I have a lovely giveaway if some new stuff would encourage that mojo then hop over. Take care x

aussie aNNie said...

Cheery up Wendy, thinking of you and these pics are just gorgeous, it has to make you smile...at times mojo leaves us to tell us to have a break and to take it easy.xxx {aNNie}

Patricia said...

Oh! Wendy, I hope you feel better today, sending a few (((((hugs)))))
Your MOJO is hiding somewhere you'll find it soon. Mine I think has "retired" I can't find it anywhere just now.
Brilliant photos nothing nicer than to see "happy" children.
Have a good day

Janice said...

Hi Wendy, sorry to hear that you're not feeling so good and I can understand that when you've lost your mojo, you're not interested in anything crafty. Hope inspirations strikes soon. Lovely photos of smiling faces. Take care. Janice xx http://createdbyjan.blogspot.com

McCrafty's Cards said...

Hi Wendy, I know this feeling well, dont push yourself to hard or you wont be happy with what you make, I am sending healing thoughts and lots of love gorgeous pictures,
Kevin xx

Anonymous said...

Hope you will be feeling better soon Wendy. Take care xx

As.I.Do.Rodos. said...

Wonderful photos Ginny x
My Blog As I do Rodos

cuilliesocks said...

Aah what wonderful photos Wendy, I take it these two cutie are your Grandchildren, thanks for sharing them with us.
Sorry you aren't feeling good just now, and blogging is the last thing you should worry about or apologise for. Take a day at a time and hopefully your spirits will pick up and you'll be good to go, your mojo won't be that far away, take care and hugs Kate x

Jackie T said...

Hi Wendy I am sorry you are feeling poorly. I hope you feel better soon. Don't worry about blogging life is too short.I love the photos you have shared with us. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Sue B said...

Aww these are lovely photos Wendy.... I always love looking at other people's photos of their family or where they live...so thanks for sharing. Sorry you are not feeling good. Don't force things... if you don't feel like crafting/commenting then take a break from it. I really hope you start to feel better soon. Sending love and huge hugs, Sue B xx

pam said...

Wonderful photos Wendy, your Grandchildren look so happy.
Hope you start to feel better soon, you take your time no good pushing yourself till you are ready!.
sending hugs,
Pam x

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Wendy
I think your mojo is having a girlie break with mine.They'll be back after a few pina coladas and a rest.
It takes as long as it takes chuck.
Ang x

Lori Kobular said...

We all go through those times when we just can't get in the mood to craft for whatever reason! Give yourself a break and relax your mojo will come back! Love the the pictures!

karenlotty said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling good Hopefully you'll feel better soon and then you'll get back to your crafting Don't beat yourself up about it Blogging can wait
The photos are tremendous It's lovely to see happy smiley children - a tonic in itself Take care xx

Dr Sonia S V said...

Oooh such adorable pictures and here is to wishing you a speedy recovery on the mojo scene


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