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Hi. I live in Spain with my partner. I am retired and LOVE it. I love life here but I do miss my family back in the UK, two sons and three sisters and my Mum. Crafting is my life, I do something every single day. In the past it has helped me get through some bad times in my life. One such bad time was when my first grandson died aged just 14 months. He had been born 8 weeks prem but was very healthy and was growing into a beautiful, bonny boy. It was such a shock when the call came. A day never passes when I dont think of him. I am now Nanna again to grand daughter, Hollie, born July 2012, and Tess born March 2016. This is my younger son and his partner. I now have another Grandson, Noah, born Nov 2013 to my elder Son and they have 3 daughters Aurora, born March 2015 and Arabella, born August 2017 and Arianna born 2019. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy my makes. Please leave a comment so that I know you have visited me. I love reading them all. xxxx


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Wednesday 30 November 2011

2012 Desk Calender

Hi all

This is a 2012 calender which I downloaded from www.sarahhurley.blogspot.com
The months print out on an A4 sheet and I cut them to make this cute desk top calender.  I think I will make afew more of these to sell at the Christmas Fair.

I also made this Rocker card - 6" circle of card and a 5 1/2" circle of pretty paper, various embellishments and voila.  Pretty little card and easy to make.  The instructions for this type of card are on www.card-making-magic.com

We have been to our Spanish lesson today.  It is so difficult learning when you are older, but our teacher is very good and patient.
Take care.
Wendy L

Tuesday 29 November 2011

Parchment card

Card made in my Parchment class on Monday 28th November 2100

Hi all

This is the card I made yesterday in my class. I call it a class, but it,s more a get together and we have a good chat while parching and if I come across anything I,m not sure of I can ask.
I have made all my Christmas cards and they are all ready for posting, so this one will go in my stack for selling at one of the fairs.
Beautiful day here again.  Here is a photo of the view from our back terrace, I love looking out each morning and seeing this view of the mountains.  It makes me realise how lucky I am.

Sunday 27 November 2011

Lazy Sunday

Hi all

Having a very lazy day today.  Got up late and this afternoon sat and watched Pirates of the Caribbean no. 1 while making afew more bookmarks for the stall in December.  Also made myself a little book for dates.  It was a photo album somebody gave me ages ago and you slot pages in.  I had been on Cuddly Buddly site and they give a free set of calender/month  prints.  I printed and cut them out, stuck on pieces of card and cut to size and hey presto I have a little calender book.  I put a picture of my gorgeous Grand son(who is no longer with us) on the front. It would be a nice gift idea, just tie the pages together with ribbon or brads.  Let me know what you think.

Just going to do the draw for my first challenge as a host over on Docrafts.  I will get John to pull a number out and will post over there.(on Docrafts site)
Hope you are all having a good day.  We are going to a pub quiz tonight.

See you tomorrow.


Wendy L

Saturday 26 November 2011

Xmas card

Good morning all

Gorgeous blue skies and sunshine today. 
When we went out for tapas last night I tried Pulpo (Octopus).  It was recommended to John by a friend (John loves seafood) so he thought he would give it a go.  It was not bad actually, and, of course, John loved it.  It was served fried with potatoes.

Anyway onto craft.

I made this card yesterday after watching Creativity TV demo.  Jo Austin was doing it and it did look complicated but I thought it looked good when it was finished.  The only problem, I think, is that whoever you give to may not know how to pull it out and make it all stand up.  What do you think?

Wendy L

Friday 25 November 2011

More things for Xmas fair

Hi all

Just been out for Tapas and a drink, back home to watch Corrie and Celebrity.
Been busy again today.  Trying to make more things for the Christmas Fairs.  Seen these ideas on Docrafts site and thought they would be quite good.  Little Post It notes on a stand for `The kitchen` or `Dads desk`.

Weather has been gorgeous today, clear blue skies and very warm.
Hope all is well with everyone.

Wendy L

Thursday 24 November 2011

DAD card

It  is alot nicer weather today in Spain than yesterday.  We had torrential rain  until about Teatime, there were rivers running down the roads.

Anyway, onto nicer things - cards  Today I was sorting out a file in my desk drawer labelled `Templates`  and I came across this one of letters `DAD` and the instructions that I had cut from a magazine ages ago.  As I make so many cards for charity, I keep looking for different / novel ways to do them, so I thought I would give this one a go.

You need a piece of  oblong card and score it  7 times at equal intervals so that you can valley and mountain fold it. I stuck paper on the front facing sides.  Cut DAD from the template and attached as shown.  I think it looks quite effective, hope you do too.
If anyone really likes it and wants the instructions I will scan and email them to you if you get in touch with me.

Wendy L

Wednesday 23 November 2011

Good Morning

I hope you like the bookmarks, they are so easy to make.  Just fold a square peice of paper into four then tuck the corners in and decorate as desired.  The full instructions are on Christinas web page -

I am making quite afew of these , hopefully, to sell on the craft stall.  They only cost pennies to make, depending how much you embellish them.  Hopefully the children  and adults will like them for little cheap pressies/stocking fillers.

Wendy l


So easy to make

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Christmas Cards

Hi all

Today I am still thinking of novel ideas for Christmas cards that will appeal to people at the two Christmas  fairs I have been asked to present tables at.  One table I am doing is at a junior school, so I want to do afew cards that kids may want to buy for their Mums and Dads, Nanna and Pops etc.  I am in the process of doing a concertina card so when it is finished I shall present a pic here.  Both fairs are well into  December so I dont want to do too many Christmas cards because I think most people will have sent theirs already.

See ya later

Hi again

Two cards uploaded.  I have left room for names incase anyone wants me to personalise them.  I never like putting names on beforehand because I think someone may really like the card but want another name on and, therefore, wont buy it.
Hope you like them.

Wendy L

Monday 21 November 2011

Very First Post

Monday   21st  November   2011

This is my first post on my blog.
I will thank people in advance for reading and taking the time to have a look.  I will post pictures of some cards that I make and other things that I do, and maybe things that I get up to.

At this time I am getting things together for a stall at my village Christmas fair.  It is not going to be a large fair but I was asked if I wanted to do a table.  There will be both English and Spanish people there as the village is very mixed, obviously more Spanish.  I have been told that they dont go in for Christmas cards in a big way like we English do but I am making afew with `Feliz Navidad`  on.

My first image (I thought was very apt) is a parchment piece.. It was made at a class I attend, here in Spain.  I really enjoy doing parchment.  It can be time consuming but looks very very intricate.  I want to display this piece in a frame near the door to `Welcome`  people to our home .

Bye for now
Wendy L


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