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Monday, 16 February 2015

Hearts Again

Good Morning All
My friend Val loved her Birthday card I showed yesterday.
I,m feeling abit sore today, I took a tumble down the stairs on Saturday evening as I was going to get ready to go out.  I dont know how I did it but fell the last couple of stairs and smacked my head against the floor and the wall, so two nice large, very sore lumps on me noggin and very bruised right knee and shin. And I think I jarred my neck too, as my shoulders are sore.
 Ooh how I want to get a flat all on one level!!!!!!
Todays card is Hearts again, I have already done one featuring a Heart die and this is another one  but using Cheery Lynn small hearts DL128 and the bigger heart is X Cut Filigree Heart.

Dies Total = 55
When I set myself this challenge I thought I would have used them all within one month,  LOL how surprised am I.!!!!
Afew left I,m afraid but not too many.

Wendy L


Patricia said...

Good morning Wendy, OMG!! I do hope you are OK. If your house is like ours in Turkey there will be no carpets!! Ceramic floors are not the best to come in contact with, sending some gentle (((((hugs))))))
Your card is brilliant, great colour, embellishments and design.

Patricia x

As.I.Do.Rodos. said...

Sorry to hear that Wendy lets hope you will feel better soon take care.
Beautiful card Ginny x

Jacquie said...

Oh No! Wendy I do hope you are okay, it does not sound it, I believe in Spain they are tiled floors and no carpets am I right? So its a wonder you did not do more damage. Do try and rest today as no doubt you will be extremely sore.

Love your card, so pretty.

Love and lots of hugs

Jacquie J xxx

brenda said...

I really admire how you are carrying on with your resolution to use those dies Wendy, another beauty today.

B x

Janice said...

Hi Wendy, hope you are not feeling too bashed and bruised today. I'm suffering a bit with a sore knee at the moment, i thought it would be good exercise for me and the dog if when i took him for a walk we had a little run during the walk. Did this for a couple of days and felt fine, then went out on friday and something seemed to go twang in my knee. Was in a bit of pain over the weekend but getting better now. Gone back to walking only for now lol !!. On to your card and it's nice to see that the hearts are the same shape even though not made by thee same company. it's amazing how hearts and ovals can differ quite a lot in shape when you are trying to match a die with a topper etc. Try and relax for the rest of the day and hope you feel better soon. x Janice x

Alison59 said...

Oh OUCH!!!! I hope you feel better soon xx
A lovely card :-)

Sue said...

Your card is gorgeous Wendy, I love the colours.
Sorry to hear about your tumble, it sounds painful. I hope you feel better soon.
Sue xx

Christine Harrop said...

Oh poor you Wendy; I hope you are feeling a bit better now. You need to remember - your body is not made of rubber and you don't bounce !! Super card though. I love the Cheery Lynn hearts. Christinex

Sue B said...

Oh no Wendy… I'm so sorry to hear about your fall… I hope you are doing ok.
Your card is very classy and elegant… I love those gorgeous hearts! it's a fab layout and design! :-)
Take care of yourself
Big hugs, Sue B xx

Lorraine said...

A fabulous card Wendy. Lovely colours and design.
Lorraine x

MRS DUCK said...

Blimey Wendywoo
What are we going to do with you?
Hope the bumps and bruises go down quickly. And this was before the vino collapso?
Super card. Very romantic with all the hearts.
Look after yourself.
Ang x

pam said...

Hi Wendy, hope you are OK, after your fall..
Beautiful card, lovely colours and pretty heart shapes.


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