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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sunday Mojo Number 5

Good Morning All
Gosh it is nice to be back in the warm sunshine of Spain.  But so very hard leaving my gorgeous grand daughter behind, but it is only 7 or 8 weeks until she will be visiting us here.

Onto the challenge set by John Next Door last week and it was so flippin' difficult.  Two card blanks and two envelopes and some sticky pads and the word 'FOUND', he explained that I was to make two cards using items I found on my travels to and in the UK, so this is what I managed to come up with.

I was walking Hollie in the park, bitterly cold morning, all muffled up with hat, scarf and gloves on, eyes to the floor and I spotted some daisies in flower and quite afew feathers, nice white ones, so I pocketed those.  Finally a gorgeous serviette that Loriens Mum used for our Sunday tea.

Then further along I found a foam 'cat' shape, abit trodden on, but I thought I may be able to do something with it.

So I used the feathers and pulled three bits off the pine cone.

I don't think I will be giving this card to anyone do you?

I,m afraid mine are no where near as artistic as Johns but he has had college training and that is my excuse and I am sticking to it!!!!

                        I will have to get my thinking cap on now to get things together for next weeks challenge!!!!!
Ain't she cute?  Showing off her first teeth on this one.
Wendy L


Sue - bearhouse said...

I think you did very well with the things you found Wendy

Hollie looks adorable, she has such a sweet smile!!

Sue xx

As.I.Do.Rodos. said...

Wonderful photo love your inspirational project Ginny x

Anonymous said...

OMW, you certainly rose to the challenge there Wendy - well done! I'm afraid I would've told John Next Door where to go with that one, lol!

Hollie is adorable!

John Lockwood said...

Sorry Wendy, I thought this one would be fun! guess neither of us enjoyed it. can't wait to se what you throw at me this week, john x

Joan Macdonald said...

I love the rose fan one Wendy and you photo of Hollie is adorable.

Joan x

Deborah Adams/stampndeb00 said...

Your granddaughter is cute. The rose fan is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. :)

Atty Fatty said...

i just love love love hollie . she soooo cute lil babe .. :)

god bless


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