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Friday, 13 September 2013

Christmas Crochet

Good Evening All 

Feeling so mad, I ordered from Create & craft ( Grand Calibur plus lots of other stuff) on 24th July and after numerous emails was told order had been dispatched 2nd September, long story but told today that I had been refunded, when I looked into it, it was less my membership fee and less P&P.  So b*****y annoyed.  Got on the phone again, and they dont know their a***es from their e****ws.  Who wants to be a member of a club that I am now told, dont deliver to Spain, even though , on their website they deliver  worldwide!!!!!! Grrrrrrr I cant describe how I am feeling at this moment in time, I could screw someones head off!!!!!!

Anyway, as promised to John Next Door here is my card for today.

These are from recycled Christmas cards.  I had a browse around on Pinterest    ( (recycled Cards)  and the actual website is here )    and saw this idea.  You cut the image out and punch holes and then crochet around.

Wendy L


Sue said...

I don't blame you for being mad Wendy, I would be too. That is appalling service, I have heard bad things about them in the past.
Your card is gorgeous, such a great way to recycle cards. Your crochet frames look wonderful
Take care
Sue xx

Wilma Brown said...

C&C promise a lot but do not deliver on them. I am surprised they do not post out to Spain I am sure a lot of Ex pats would love to be able to order from them.

I like the idea of recycling cards and the crochet work is amazing, great idea.

Take it easy girl.

Wilma x x x

pam said...

hi Wendy, why don't you email this man, if a lot have no joy with C/C, he sorts it out,
phone number 01733316302
hope this helps pam.
beautiful card

Helene E said...

Can understand that you're annoyed!

Gorgeous crocheting though :)

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Wendy
After what poor Val experienced with Gelligate, that doesn't surprise me. I ordered a couple of bits Monday, which arrived yesterday, no problems but they sent me 3 emails on different days saying order dispatched. Then they sent an email today to tell me it had been delivered. . . . .I know, I've been using the bloomin stuff!
Back on track. . . . . Lovely cards and fab crochet. Try not to stress about C&C.
Ang x

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy. I so love the crocheting now made into a card. You are such a clever thing.
Join the club with C+C. They are the worst after sales ever. I have things delivered out here all the time from other companies. Very rarely is there a problem but if there is it's sorted. C+C take months faffing and it never reaches a satisfactory conclusion. See what you've done - you've started me off again when I'd just calmed down!!
Take care Wendy, it's not good for the blood pressure.

Love Val x

Patricia said...

Good morning Wendy, hope you have calmed down a little. What a horrible experience, C&C and Ideal World can be a right pain. I have had trouble with them in the past.

I love your wonderful cards, what a great idea. I let the boys make cards with last years cards but never thought of doing that myself. Off to have a rummage to see what is in the boys Bit Box.
Have a great weekend

Patricia xx

Jennifer Swandells said...

Terrible service Wendy and I am not surprised that you lost it, I would have done the exact same thing. Anyway, away from the rubbish, your cards are beautiful and I just love your crocheting. Hugs, Jen x
Krafty Keepsakes

Lizzie said...

What an awesome idea! I love it! Hugs xx

Joan Macdonald said...

Oh dear i have just ordered something rather pricey from Create and Craft so i do hope it arrives!! Anyway Wendy these are gorgeous and i have saved the website so may have a little go.

Joan x

Fandhmum said...

Your cards are very beautiful, and a great idea
Rosie x

Katya- Ангел ф кедах said...

Oh god, cant blame you for being mad!

The crochet idea is really cool! Havent seen that before!


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