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Hi. I live in Spain with my partner. I am retired and LOVE it. I love life here but I do miss my family back in the UK, two sons and three sisters and my Mum. Crafting is my life, I do something every single day. In the past it has helped me get through some bad times in my life. One such bad time was when my first grandson died aged just 14 months. He had been born 8 weeks prem but was very healthy and was growing into a beautiful, bonny boy. It was such a shock when the call came. A day never passes when I dont think of him. I am now Nanna again to grand daughter, Hollie, born July 2012, and Tess born March 2016. This is my younger son and his partner. I now have another Grandson, Noah, born Nov 2013 to my elder Son and they have 3 daughters Aurora, born March 2015 and Arabella, born August 2017 and Arianna born 2019. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy my makes. Please leave a comment so that I know you have visited me. I love reading them all. xxxx


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Sunday, 16 September 2018

Good morning

I am asking you all a favour, please click on link to Post pals in the side bar and find Skylah.
This little girls tumours are growing again.   She loves Blind Bags especially Disney Rapunzel and Peppa pig ones. I must admit that I did not know  what they were but googled them. They can be bought at Argos, Sainsburies etc so I am going to buy some today  and post to her tomorrow.
If you do Facebook search Post pals there  for the story. She is so beautiful, there is a pic of her with her little brother I think.
It makes you count your blessings as I go yo visit 3 of my grandkids this morning before we go off to John's mums again.

I can't copy and paste the story as I am on my tablet  but please have a look.

Thank you

Wendy L

I have ordered some from Argos to collect tomorrow but they did not have the Disney or peppa pig. I hope the ones I have bought bring a little smile to her face.


Alison59 said...

Such brave children xx

Val Jones said...

Oh Wendy, how sad.
Love Valx

karenlotty said...

How sad It really does make you stop and think
I have just looked on my Argos and they don’t do Rapunzel or Peppa Pig But I will carry on trawling

Jenny L said...

Hi Wendy,
will see what I can do.
Lotss of crafty love. Jenny L.


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