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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Book Folding 3 Hearts

Good Morning All
An extra post from me as I usually post every other day.  I was so pleased with my first completed Book Folding I just had to show it off.

This was one I made for a practice yesterday when I came home from craft meet, I used a paperback..  We were talking about the books and dvd's available on C&C and I said I would Google it to see if I could find a free pattern just to try it.
HERE is the link of the pattern I used for free from a very kind lady.

I was so pleased with the result, I went upstairs to my bookcase to see if I could find a hardback book to use.
I found a Sharron Osbourne Biography I have already read, so decided to use that,
I worked out how many pages I needed and it worked out very close to 5 hearts, just had to cut a afew pages from the back.

         I inked all the edges with  purple.

I covered the back and front with My Minds Eye paper.  Cut a cereal box up for the base and covered that too.

Then onto embellishments, a big bow from my birthday flowers, with some brown ribbon John Next Door gave me and a big dazzler in the middle.

Lots of flowers from my stash, paper, ceramic and fabric.

Ribbon with Lace across the bottom.

I ties some of the brown ribbon around the top and decorated with flowers and a bow, then stuck a gem butterfly on the edge of the pages.

I secured the book onto the base by cutting an 'L' shape piece of card and glueing it on before I covered with paper, then put the upstanding bit of the 'L' up the spine of the book.  I didn't glue it down but it will help secure abit.

When I showed OH, he said, whats that for ? !!!
It now adorns my hall table and I like it so there.
I have to keep it as being Sharron Osbournes book there is lots of 'F' words, so I cant really give it to anyone !!!!!
Now I am on the hunt for more patterns, found afew but want to make words or letters, there is tutorials for 'photoshop' but I have downloaded a free trial but cannot figure out how to use, not technically minded at all. 
I will have to buy the book or DVD's.
Wendy L

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  1. Amazing work Wendy, I keep seeing these pop up, they look so complicated but so effective.

    B x

  2. Morning Wendy, it turned out lovely. Well done you - love the decorations, and clever of you to add a stand. Janice xxx http://createdbyjan.blogspot.com

  3. WOW! This is fabulous Wendy and I love all the detailing you have added.
    Sue xx

  4. Flippin eck Wendy we were only talking about them on Friday and you've made this one already.
    It's really beautiful and I'm so impressed. I onkly got as far as looking at the pattern you sent me lol.
    If you can carry it , bring it on Friday so I can admire it better.
    Val x

  5. Oh my goodness this is absolutely fabulous Wendy!!! I am in awe! Maybe I will pluck up the nerve to try one at some stage but .........
    Christine x

  6. Hi Wendy, love the book, You have embellished it beautifully, I made one for my first great grandson earlier this year, it was baby feet and turned out beautiful, I found that if you follow the instructions carefully when marking the pages it helps when doing the folds. I will definitely be making more, found it very relaxing. Regards Linda.

  7. hi wendy ... love your book folding ... I have seen it on create and craft but dont think I would have the patience ... love what you have done with yours ... look forward to seeing your next project ... happy crafting and love sandy xx ps thank you for stopping by my blog ... have a great week xx

  8. Wow this looks fantastic Wendy. It's gorgeous x

  9. This is stunning Wendy, I just purchased a pattern for 21st (may be brave for my first attempt...lol) but I'm going to have to find a HB book the right size, It needs to be 20 cm and all mine are much bigger,,,,typical never have what we want sorry need......lol

  10. Brilliant I was watching Peerless Designs and Debbie Moore on C&C and thought I must give this a go Both have books and cd-roms Bought 2 books from my local charity shop costing 25p each! I use Serif and there's a way of converting "stuff" into patterns

  11. Hi Wendy this is stunning I love what you have created. I would love to have a go at this there are lots of books round about that could be used. Hugs Jackie

  12. Hi Wendy, what an absolutely stunning work of art you have produced. I have been away from crafting for a long time now, but this has really caught my eye and I would love to give it a try. Keep up the wonderful work that you make. Jen xxxx

  13. WOW! Stunning Wendy, you have done a fabulous job at this. Jan kindly sent me the instructions for one for my Daughter which I hope to do once I break up from work for the summer as a Christmas gift.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  14. Wow!! oh! Wow!! Wendy what a stunning project, love it
    Have done a Christmas Tree but that's it.
    Patricia x

  15. Stunning book Wendy, one of the nicest I have seen.. cannot wait to see your next one.
    Pam x

  16. Hi Wendy, it's Jen again, do you think you could send me the pattern for the book, so that I can have a look at it. I will have a look in between decorating. lol
    Maybe this will get me back into crafting again.
    Thank you. Jen xxxx

  17. Hi Wendy
    Keep meaning to give this a go as I obviously have access to a few cheap books at work lol!
    I know there's a way of doing patterns in Paintshop Pro but I can just about use the microwave lol!
    Would guess you could use graph paper and a wing and a prayer.
    You've done a great job.
    Ang x

  18. this is lovely and so unusual! so glad you've linked up to the anything challenge at the doodle artifacts blog! xo from Michele, july guest artist

  19. Hi this looks a fabulous project , fab creation, thanks for sharing with us at CRAFTY RIBBONS x carol

  20. This is beautiful piece Wendy. I made a Christmas from a folded book years ago but never tackled anything this elaborate. I can really appreciate the work you put into your piece, it turned out gorgeous. Thank you for sharing this with us in the July challenge on Recycle, Re-Purpose & Re-Invent and I look forward to seeing more projects from you.
    :) Chris / CS Designs



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