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Monday, 29 June 2015

Sshhhh Quiet

Good Morning All
Boy, was it hot yesterday.
We walked to the next village to have Sunday lunch, which was yummy, and we were melting when we got back. It is meant to be staying the same this week, even the wind is hot.
I was been beavering away last week on a Quiet Book.  I had never heard of these until afew months ago when Megan asked me if it would be possible to make one for Noah.  I researched them and some sell for quite alot of money, probably because they are so  time consuming to make.

When I was in UK in  May, my sister had started making one for Noah and when I saw it I was blown away, so lovely and such fun.  
So when I got back to Spain in May, I decided I was going to have a go.  
My old sewing machine had to go, tension was rubbish on it. So I researched a new one and managed to find one on EBay and have it posted here, great.

This is the front which I have yet to decorate, I am going to stick letters on,

This was the best way I could think to fasten it.  Also , with this it can expand if I decide to add more pages.

It is mostly sewed with felt  and far from perfect but I am so pleased with it.

These two are the first pages I made.  Counting from 1 to 20, the beads slide across the ribbon or string.
This is a good way of using beads that I maybe wouldn't use for much else.

As I have made pages I realise I should have done some things abit differently, but we all learn from our mistakes.

Teaching to tie shoe laces.

Matching colours and fastening buttons.

I will show a couple more pages another day, dont want to have a post so full of pics you get bored !!!!

 I would imagine Hollie will be playing with it when she visits in September.  If she really enjoys it I will let her take it home,  if they can carry it.
I am now making another one, either for Noah or Aurora, which I will take to UK in December on my Christmas visit.
There are so many different pages you can make, loads of ideas on Pinterest and You Tube, I just wanted to keep going with more pages.
This is keeping me busy as I have that many cards in my boxes upstairs, as the craft fair I did afew weeks ago was rubbish, I think I sold about 10 cards!!!!
Wendy L


brenda said...

What super work Wendy, thank you for sharing.

We are promised some of that sunshine this week as well so keeping everything crossed.

B x

Janice said...

Morning Wendy, what a fabulous idea. A lot of hard work has gone into this book, I've not heard of a quiet book before ,but you've done a great job. Janice xxx http://createdbyjan.blogspot.com

Alison59 said...

I have never heard of this either. What a great idea. You've made a super job of this :-)

Janice said...

Fantastic Wendy, and as you say, a lot of work. It looks great though and if you enjoyed making it and the little ones enjoy playing with it then I'd say its a winner all round! Stay cool!! Jx

Sue said...

Such a lovely idea Wendy. I can imagine a lot of thought and effort has gone into making something so special.
Sue xx

Pop's Cards said...

Beautiful creation sweetie :0) <3 Pops x

Jacquie Jacobs said...

Wow! This looks amazing Wendy, such a fab idea, it will no doubt look brilliant when completed if it is something that can ever be completed lol!

Love & hugs

Jacquie J xxx

Sue B said...

Oh Wow! this is awesome Wendy… love the details and lovely bright colours. I helped one of my nieces make similar book to this for a school project…. long, long time ago… but was such fun to do. Kids really love them!
Hope you have a good week!
Big hugs, Sue B xx

sandy's crafty bits said...

wow love your quiet book ... have never hear of them before but I am sure you are really enjoying making it ... I made a book for my dear Mum when she was "still with us" and love making it ... felt very strange when I had finished it ... rather like you feel when you have finished reading a good book (by Danielle Steel) lol anyway you will not boar us at all and I look forward to seeing your next pages ... well done ... happy crafting and love sandy xx ps its flippen hot here toooooo xx

Christine said...

What a brilliant idea! Look forward to seeing the rest of the pages, it is a very interesting project.
I think I will have to make one for my new Grandson, better start now as it takes me ages to do anything nowadays.
We are starting our heatwave, I am staying indoors, catching up on all things PC so the heat has its upside!!!
Thanks for sharing.

Jackie T said...

Wow Wendy this is amazing. I had never heard of one of these before. They are similar to touchy books made for visually impaired children by volunteers. Hugs Jackie

pam said...

Love your quiet book Wendy, very time consuming project, but so worth it. I too have not heard of them before.
Hugs Pam x

karenlotty said...

Great project Very satisfying to make I should think I'd not heard if them either Is it all made with felt?

Unknown said...

Hi Wendy, This is my first comment after my eye op. Which was definitely a success.
This book is fabulous and even more amazing in real life. The grandchildren are going to be delighted with it. I'enjoy playing with it myself.
See youbFriday.
Lve Val x
ps, the temperature outside is 40degrees and its only 9 a.m., too hot even for me. Its a card making day with the fan for company I reckon.


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