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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Decorated Box

Good Morning All
Sorry, abit of a moan coming.  At my time of life I am suffering hot flushes and have been taking Black Cohosh, I dont know if this has anything to do with it, but my joints have been aching badly, especially my fingers.  As a result, I am finding it hard to crochet and do the more fiddly bits of crafting, so annoying a I need to craft when I am watching TV, especially knitting and crochet. I need a miracle cure for my achy joints, I wish!!!!!
I know I shouldn't moan as there are lots of people worse off than me.
Afew weeks ago I decided to decorate a box that I have had in a cupboard for ages, it was nice and sturdy, too good to throw out.

I used some LOTV paper as it was quite a thick piece, quilled flowers, lace and odd bits and bobs from my stash.

Another one that will be going to the Slimming Club filled with bath goodies I think, as a raffle prize.

Wendy L


val jones said...

Hi Wendy. So sorry your joints are still aching. it certainly is a crime this getting older lark.
Love the box. Really pretty and such a shame to have left it in a cupboard. Will be lovely with the bath things in.
Bye for now.
love val x

Jacquie said...

Hi Wendy,

Beautiful box, I am sure it will make a lovely raffle prize. Sorry to hear you are in pain, don't worry about moaning we all have to vent off bit and why not do it on here amongst your friends. I hope you find something that works with your joints. I always remember a doctor telling me once that I should take cod liver oil everyday to help my joints as they are like parts of an engine and all need oiling to keep them going. I have still never taken them, not because I don't want to but because I forget too!!! No doubt I shall suffer in years to come too. You really wanted to read that bit of useless information didn't you Wendy lol!

Love & hugs

Jacquie J xxx

Pamellia Johnson said...

Gorgeous Wendy!! Your flowers are amazing, love that soft peachy colour! The lace trim is so beautiful and I adore your button with the twine bow! A fabulous altered box! hugs :)

Janice said...

Brilliant idea Wendy, sorry about the aches and pains. Hope you feel better soon. Janice xxx http://createdbyjan.blogspot.com

As.I.Do.Rodos. said...

Fabulous decorated box Ginny x

karenlotty said...

It's a beautiful box Great idea for filling with bathroom goodies Sorry to hear bout joints A few years ago Coz of severe pain and stiffness had to give up knitting and crochet I couldn't even hold a cup very easily Hence the card making BUT after doing some exercises with my fingers and wrists I'm able to cope with baby stuff I've also swapped to Symfonie Pro rosewood knitting needles which Iwish I'd discovered sooner I'm obviously not medically qualified and can't make a blanket statement that anything I've mentioned works But they have certainly helped me

Sue B said...

So sorry that you're having trouble with your joints Wendy…it must be very frustrating when you do knitting/crocheting... really hope you manage to find something to help with the pain.
I love your decorated box… it's absolutely stunning! :-))
Hope you have a good evening!
Big hugs, Sue B xx

pam said...

Beautiful decorated box Wendy, sorry about the joint pain, thats why I gave up knitting..
I used to black cohosh, not sure it helped with the hot flush`s.. think you can only take for a short time? might be wrong..
Hugs Pam

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Wendy
Love the box. Beautifully embellished.
Black cohosh sounds like an illicit substance lol!
Thought the warmth over there was supposed to help your joints.
Best wishes.
Ang x

Gail Townsend said...

Hi, lovely box, it will be a great raffle prize.
I thought all that sunshine would be great for producing Vitamin D which is good for bones and stuff lol! Hope you feel better soon xx


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