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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Making Poinsettia Flower

Good Morning All
When I went to the craft class on Thursday and posted on here the flowers we had made, I was asked by afew people to show how they were made, so here goes.  HERE is the original post.

I used a LeCrea Multi Die 45.8961 Poinsettia, Olly used a Marianne die but I think you will get the same effect whichever one you use.

  Once you have cut them out from good weight card.  I used at least a 270g one.  You can use as many pieces of the flower as you wish, I used 2 green and 3 red.  Spritz well with water  and leave to soak in.

 This is the hard bit to explain --  Fold one petal over a wide tool or pencil, I used a glitter glue pen, hold the leaf over it with thumb and forefinger   (you have to sort of prop the pen against your tummy so that you can use both hands)   and the other hand put thumb and forefinger on edges of leaf and squish together so that it creases up, length ways, from centre to tip.

You have to press against the pen but push the edges together at the same time.

This is when, if you have used a card that is too thin, it may tear, but it does not matter if they tear abit, flowers are not perfect!!!

Leave to dry.  Mine dried very quickly as I had the fan on.  This is how they look when dried.

Please excuse the state of my embossing mat, it is covered with bits of glue as I use it all the time for flower making.

Then you need a large ball tool and an embossing mat or a mouse pad.  On the reverse of each petal, in small circular movement, rub over all the petal, do this on all petals on each flower, this breaks down the fibres in the card.

Then turn to right side facing up and rub in the centre so the petals start to curl up.

The one on the left has not been rubbed, you can see the difference to the one on the right which has.

Then proceed to glue together,
  off setting each petal to the one underneath.

 You dont want them directly on top of each other.

 Each die set will have different centres,
 I rubbed mine with ball tool to make it curl, stuck in centre and added gold Stickles.

Olly let us take any spare pieces of flowers so I took these Tim Holtz Tattered Florals.  These have been spritzed and squished  and below shows the flower I made with them.

I hope you can follow this OK, it is very difficult trying to show it on photos.  I had had a look on Youtube too to see if this technique is on there but I couldn't find one.
Tomorrow I will post some cards that I have made with the flowers from the class.

Wendy L



Anonymous said...

This is great Wendy and I'd never have thought of spraying them with water so thanks.

Love Val x

As.I.Do.Rodos. said...

Fabulous tutorial Ginny x

Lesley Thomas said...

Love the 'squishing' technique, thanks for all the pics, they were clear to me.

Sue said...

WOW!! Such a fabulous tutorial and your finished flowers look gorgeous. I really love the crinkle effect on the petals
Sue xx

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Wendy
Great tutorial. Thanks so much. I have the Maryanne poinsettia dies and will give this a try as you seem to get more texture this way.
Love the last flower too.
Ang x

Patricia said...

Great instructions Wendy,
That`s the way I do my flowers.
I like to create movement and texture in my flowers and leaves.
Lots of people will be creating beautiful flowers after this Tutorial.
Patricia xx

pam said...

great flowers Wendy, thanks for the tutorial.

Rossella said...

Thanks for the step by step, I look forward to seeing your finished projects with them
Rosie x

Janet - aka stacky said...

Your flowers are beautiful Wendy thank you for the very clear tutorial xx

Unknown said...

~Thanks for the tutorial Wendy, I have saved this for later. Hugs, Jen xx
Krafty Keepsakes

Unknown said...

What a brilliant flower, never though of wetting it so much, but don't they turn out well. Will be trying it this way in future.
I know this is a bit late from when you posted it but I have only just found your blog through John Next Doors blog.
Glad your life in Spain is great. My husband and I lived there in Albir for 9 1/2 years, back here for 5 years no,carry on enjoying. xx

Wendy L said...

Thank you Margaret. xxx


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