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Wednesday 18 July 2012


This shows how I made the Christmas card on an earlier post (yesterday)

2 pieces of card measuring -  11" x 6" (I used an embossed one for the top )

Score the bottom one at 3"   from left side
                                   Score the top one at 1.5"  and  5"  and  6.5"  from left side (good side on top)
                                                and fold as shown

Draw round a shape (I used a rectange OR you could use a die cutting maching and a die) as show on the front piece between the 1.5" fold and the 5" fold  and cut out carefully with a craft knife and glue a piece of acetate over the aperture
                                                                       showing wrong side

Choose your paper and cut a piece measuring  6" x 4" (this will be what shows behind your acetate) and glue on to back piece of card from fold line.  The right edge of paper will be hidden behind front piece of card when glued into position.
It is at this stage when you should add your embellishment or whatever you wish to have behind your window(acetate), before glueing the front on (I forgot and had to add it later) - numpty that I am!!!!!

Using a mixture of both double sided tape and a glue stick, this adds a little moving around time to get it positioned correctly.
(This is hard to explain) ------
on front piece with good side facing up - from left side to first fold use glue / tape and stick into fold on back piece to butt up against edge of fancy paper

Then, on wrong side of front piece, use tape and glue again, you have to hold your shape into a box and stick to back piece.  Both right sided edges shoud be together but if they are not dont worry they can be trimmed.

These 2 pics are what you should end up with

And it should fold flat to get into an envelope (I always test this before I stick down)
Then you can go to town on your embellishments -
I put peeloffs around frame and ribbons and gems and pearls on flat piece but with the embossed card it did not need too much

I hope you find this clear enough to follow and if not please email me and I  will try to explain.  But please leave a comment to let me know what you think.  Soon I will do another tutorial explaing how I did the cream one from one piece of card.

Wendy L


As.I.Do.Rodos. said...

Beautiful card Ginny ♥

As.I.Do.Rodos. said...

Beautiful card Ginny ♥

Sarah said...

Great tutorial Wendy!

Sarah x

Laura said...

Hi Wendy, fab tutorial, I hope you don't mind but I have added this post as a link on one of my pages titled 'tutorials' so other people can find your page :)
Laura xx

Janet - aka stacky said...

Great clear instructions thank you Wendy for taking the time to do this for us xx

Miradormakings said...

Thank you Wendy this makes a really special card


Unknown said...

Wow Wendy, great tutorial!!! You are very clear in your instructions... I have to make one of these!!! Your's turned out stunning!!!! Love Love love it!!!! You are one talented chick!


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